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Thank you GOP!


If there is anything that should get Democrats excited this year is the prospect that Donald Trump is going to end up being the Republican Presidential nominee. I cannot think of a candidate that provides a greater contrast between the Republican Tea Party and Democrats when it comes to policy and the ability to govern. Nominating Donald Trump will be an implosion of a political party that has not been seen in modern US politics.

Every Democrat running for almost any¬†office will be able to point to Trump and run against him instead of their actual opponent this November. The argument will be simple for November, “Do you trust a party that selected Trump as the their best candidate? ” Continue reading


Clinton’s “Single Issue” Slogan

After the past few weeks, everything I see Hillary Clinton or one of her surrogates on speaking with the media, they are always slamming Bernie Sanders as a “single issue” candidate. And while Sanders does rally his supporters with income inequality has his top priority, he clear on many other issues and frequently discusses them (i.e. health care, climate change, Citizens United, education,¬†immigration, etc.) Continue reading

Why another liberal blog?

Welcome to my blog, after being an obsessed observer of politics for most of my life, I made a decision that 2016 might be a good time to start sharing some of my views, analysis, and thoughts on the subject.

I believe I have a unique perspective based on my life experiences, and think some people might find it interesting.

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