Thank you GOP!


If there is anything that should get Democrats excited this year is the prospect that Donald Trump is going to end up being the Republican Presidential nominee. I cannot think of a candidate that provides a greater contrast between the Republican Tea Party and Democrats when it comes to policy and the ability to govern. Nominating Donald Trump will be an implosion of a political party that has not been seen in modern US politics.

Every Democrat running for almost any office will be able to point to Trump and run against him instead of their actual opponent this November. The argument will be simple for November, “Do you trust a party that selected Trump as the their best candidate? “

The GOP has been a party of “NO” for the past 8 years, where they cannot compromise with between their conservative wing and the really conservative I want everything now or I’ll take my ball home wing. They have shutdown the government, they have threaten to allow the US to default on it’s debt, they couldn’t even agree on bills that are designed to prevent domestic violence. Forget about sensible ideas that have been an unquestioned government functions in years, such as funding research (funding creationism doesn’t count), protecting the environment, or providing enough funding to the EPA so that we can ensure that all citizens have access to clean and safe drinking water.

And what is their answer in regaining the trust of more than half the American people (minority voters, urban voters, suburban voters, etc), without which they will slowly drift into insignificance in national politics? Their answer is Donald Trump! Who announced his candidacy by declaring the majority of undocumented residents are rapist and criminals. The same guy who tells a protester “I’d like to punch him in the face”.

Does Donald Trump have any policy proposal that anyone knows, besides building a huge wall? His slogan of “Make America Great Again” is not a policy proposal, it’s a slogan.  An empty slogan too if there is no policy proposal. I think I know what he’s anti, he’s anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim, anti-women, anti-ObamaCare, etc.

So, I just want to thank the GOP, the Tea Party, and Donald Trump for their implosion. This could mark the end the beginning of the demise of the radical right in this country, where the word Liberal will be a label one wears with pride, and conservative will be something shameful.


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