South Carolina – Republicans

After a week of accusing George Bush for lying about WMD’s and the pretext for the Iraq war. Blaming Bush for being a sleep and allowing the September 11th attacks to happen. Getting into an argument with the Pope (really?) Trump still managed to win South Carolina by 10%.

It looks like attacking everything that Republicans hold dear is a strategy for winning the Republican nomination, and if tonight has taught us anything, it’s Donald Trump is the clear front runner, but Marco Rubio will be the candidate that the “establishment” rallies around.

Jeb! decided to “suspend” his campaign and now all of his supporters with their cash are free to rally around Rubio, who is probably the only candidate that has a chance in November. He has a lot of positives, but the worry among the party naturally has to be that the debate performance in New Hampshire wasn’t a one time occurrence. If he has a strong or even unremarkable debate on Thursday, that will like put those worries away, but if he has another MarcoBot moment, then the “establishment” will go into a meltdown.

The other potential candidate of course is Ted Cruz, who is probably the most disliked member of the Republican party. Luckily for the Republicans he has Ben Carson on a mission of revenge for the dirty tricks in Iowa (weather Carson is aware that’s what he’s doing).

As someone that really wants a Democrat elected to the office in November, I hope that the Republican race get’s crazier and they continue taking more and more extreme positions .




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