Clinton’s “Single Issue” Slogan

After the past few weeks, everything I see Hillary Clinton or one of her surrogates on speaking with the media, they are always slamming Bernie Sanders as a “single issue” candidate. And while Sanders does rally his supporters with income inequality has his top priority, he clear on many other issues and frequently discusses them (i.e. health care, climate change, Citizens United, education, immigration, etc.)

So why is the Clinton camp trying so hard to paint Sanders’ campaign as a single issue platform? It appears that by labeling Sanders as a single issue campaign, they are simply implying that other issues important to the Democratic base are not important or a priority of his campaign. This is basically code to her supporters saying that Sanders doesn’t care of racism or immigration reform.

So, while Clinton is hammering away at Sanders being a single issue candidate, her surrogates have started hitting him hard. For Nevada, the Clinton campaign brought out Luis Gutierrez and had hitting Sanders hard about his lack of support for the failed immigration bill in 2007 (Immigration Bulldog Luis Gutierrez, Latino Heavyweights Endorse Clinton), and for South Carolina Clinton surrogates are hitting him on not being concerned and practically lying about his record of activism during the civil rights movement (Civil Rights Hero John Lewis Slams Bernie Sanders).

The single issue candidate slogan is a great way to rally the establishment around Clinton, and it provides a jumping off point for anyone that has issues that are higher priority than income inequality.



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